Why ready to move in property is everyone’s favorite?

Buying a property is a very crucial decision as you are investing your hard-earned money in it. And you know that you are not going to switch your home in the next few years after buying.

The ready to move in housing market, gives a chance to home buyers to avoid the risk of purchasing the under-construction house which may be delayed too. It’s true that the ready to move in houses are more expensive if you compare to the under-construction houses in the same area. You need to pay the full cost of your home before the builder handovers the key to you.

The ready to move in house meets all the requirements which are settled by the city councils like pest inspection, electricity, secure doors, etc.

So, if you are purchasing a property you will get lots of options that may confuse you. Therefore, we have listed down a few points on why you should opt for Ready to move in houses –

No Delays

One of the elite advantages of this section is that you don’t need to wait for several months or years. Your task is to make the payment, check all the documents and you are ready to shift in.

You pay for what you see

Buyers can inspect the property before making the final decision leaving no room for any doubt. In the under-construction houses sometimes there are huge differences between what builders promise and what they actually deliver at the end.

The under-construction houses are always bought by looking at the sample of the flat or the layout. Ready to move in buyers get what they are paying for.

Cost Advantage

In the under-construction flat there is a GST charge of 12% by the developers. But in case of ready to move in, no GST is applicable, here you get the cost advantage.

After you provide the booking amount if there is an increase in the cost of the property you are not supposed to pay the increased amount while it’s opposite in the case of under-construction.

Comfort Selling

If you purchase ready to move in house and you want to sell it off, it’s very easy to get buyers for the same. But it’s difficult to sell an under-construction property as developers don’t allow the transfer of property until it has been completed.

If you see in the last 3-4 years, a trend has emerged in real estate; buyers are attracted to houses that are ready to move in rather than an under-construction one. Looking at the above pros it is beneficial to buy a ready to move in property.

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