Perks of having a safe and friendly neighborhood

The question is do you even know your neighbors? People living in apartment or flat is very common that you bump into your neighbors regularly.

We rarely see nowadays kids playing all around the street, because in this hustle-bustle world safety is the main concern.  A perfect neighborhood can be a hard thing to find as not all the areas are going to be truly a perfect fit for everyone and their unique needs.

However, there are many factors that contribute to being a great neighborhood like seeing other people in and about, living with friends nearby, access to the basic amenities, and a healthy positive relationship with the neighbors.

Having peace of mind is very important that you and your family are safe in your home when going around the community. You should be able to walk freely in your neighborhood at different hours without any fear.

Let’s check a few points why it is important to reside in a safe and friendly neighborhood –

  • Low Crime Rate – The low crime rate is the most important and gives the neighborhood a sense of ease and calm. Safety and security is the most important factor for each and every individual. You can usually spot a safe neighborhood where the crime rates are zero or declining.

  • Walkability – The joy of able to leave the car keys and get on the track hit the pavement to walk to markets, parks, make you feel safer, and fall in love with the neighborhood even more.

  • Family Friendly- A good neighborhood is always family-friendly. There are more chances for your children to play, socialize and make lifelong friends. There may be lots of children programs when the neighborhood is full of kids.

  • Outdoor activities – A safe neighborhood will also attract outdoor adventure activities. The accessibility of tennis courts or golf courses is one of the qualities which keep your neighborhood on top.

Getting to know your neighbors can provide you with ample benefits which include safety and community events.  Feeling safe is also important for mental and overall well-being. A good neighborhood also reminds you that you are surrounded by friendship and support.

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