How safe is your apartment for kids?

We have seen living in an apartment has increased over the years, which has also created unique security concerns. The ratio of burglars is also increasing and they usually target apartments that are easy to enter and exit with less security.  It is the duty of every apartment owner to implement safety and precautions especially in India where crime rates are increasing day by day.

Nowadays, both parents are working and they have less time to take care of their children. And parents are scared to leave their children alone. Ensuring child safety is the foremost responsibility of the parents. All parents keep their kids in extra safety in their own homes. You put a safety cover over the outlets, pad the sharp edges and also remove the dangerous objects out of their arms reach.

 But what about the safety when they are home alone or when they leave the apartment. You can teach your children the importance of safety by living in a close-knit community.

Few points you should teach and as parents must take care for your children security –

  • Safe space – Kids are always welcome to play outside, but with safety too. Make sure your kids understand where they are able to play in safe locations. Teach them that they never run into the street after a ball and advice them to play in green spaces which is much safer.

  • Be connected with your child – Make sure you are connected with your kids through landline or mobile. So, in case of any emergency, they can immediately contact you.

  • Friendly Neighbour – It’s always great to have some good company in your neighborhood You can ask your neighbor too to keep an eye on your kid when they are alone. Good company makes a great helping hands.

In SPN we believe creating values in our client’s life and safety is pretty much at a higher level. We understand that it is not easy to manage children having a busy career. And we also believe that as a parent you will always do your best.

All our projects provide higher security cameras which are CCTV at the entrance, basement floor, and also entrance lobby of each block.  Also, security guards are provided 24×7 at the reception and at the entrance to make sure no strangers or burglars can trespass.

Each of our projects provides a full-proofed gated apartment with a single and secured gate widespread. Our projects offer you the perfect combination of secure and comfortable living standards.

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