Best Locations To Invest In Real Estate In Agra

Agra is one of the most popular cities for tourist destinations and it also has multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites which are widely scattered and well preserved. If you see the growing economy of India it has pushed the property value and given a boost to the real estate market in Agra.

The escalating real estate investment hub, rapid infrastructure growth, and industrialization have been big factors that drives the interest of investors. Affordable housing is also an add-on factor which is stimulating the market.

With all things in favour, the real estate market is on an upward swing for Agra. A lot of famous builders have come up with their projects in Agra which includes all the modern facilities and basic amenities. Lets us look into a few of the best location where the buyers can invest their hard-earned money –

  • Krishna Indraprastha and Aparna Prem is a supreme residential property which is located in Shastripuram, Agra. This residential property offers all the amenities and benefits which buyers always want. A prime location with a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, healthy surrounding and most importantly a high return.
  • The Dream City is a project capable of making it a micro-city of a kind located near Patholi Nahar. A green surrounding which gives you fresh air to breathe, sports area, banquet hall etc.
  • Vishwakarma Garden, Anant Desire and Maruti Pravasham are residential – commercial development which is situated in Shamsabad Agra. The area of Vishwakarma Garden is widely spread with 6.2 acres and is also approved by Uttar Pradesh RERA.
  • Shri Krishna Lok in Shashtripuram which also offers an apartment with the perfect combination of contemporary architecture and features which provide a comfortable living.
  • The Anandam project is one more residential property where the home buyers can look into. The best point for this project is the communication it provides direct connectivity to nearly all the major points in and around Agra. One must look into the interior of this project which is beautifully crafted.

In the current developing scenario, Agra has become a safe investment destination. It forms the third destination of the Golden Triangle – Delhi, Jaipur and Agra which provide excellent connectivity with these major cities. People can now easily commute for their jobs or any work-related issues.

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